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Australian Postcodes – Now Easier to Look Up

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I find it remarkable how often I know the name of a suburb, but need to find out the postcode.

Remarkable because posting letters is something I do only very, very rarely. And for what reason – other than posting letters – would I need to know the postcode of a suburb?

Nonetheless, I regularly find myself punching something like “albert park vic postcode” into Google, and for the most part fail to find the answer as easily as I’ve come to expect in this age of Google-is-better-than-doing-proper-research. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not alone, either.

So the solution? A few hours compiling postcode and suburb data, some PHP code, and I present the Australian Postcode Finder at

The nifty-est part is that you can start typing a suburb name – or postcode – in the search box and it will very rapidly give you a list of matching suburbs. So most of the time you won’t even have to hit enter or click the mouse. Fast? You bet.

You also get a map of the suburb, courtesy of Google. e.g. Glen Waverley’s postcode, or Rushcutters Bay in NSW

And that’s it – a simple solution to a simple problem.