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Paul Stoddart should resign

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

In yet another attention seeking outburst, Stoddart says: “There was a solution put forward which would have seen the introduction of a chicane which would have allowed all 20 cars to take part but this suggestion was rejected by Max Mosley … I have heard many calls for Mosley to resign and I would echo that.”

This, of course, in reference to the US GP debacle of last weekend which saw all 14 Michelin shod competitors withdraw from the race because Michelin had failed to produce a tyre that could survive the race.

What sort of competitor shows up to a race weekend without equipment that can even safely complete a race? The FIA were absolutely on the money in rejecting Michelin’s request that a chicane be added – drastically slowing down the high speed corner in question. That corner has been around for more years that any of the current mob participating in this circus, what on earth were they expecting?

As for Stoddart, how much money will be continue to plough into F1 for the sole purpose of beating his chest for attention? His team will never achieve anything other than “also-ran” status, and they couldn’t even hold up their end of the bargain to boycot the race in sympathy for the Michelin competitors!