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Something useful

Monday, March 7th, 2005

For my Spanish studies.. A couple of FireFox bookmarklets for very quick translations.

It uses the Google Language Tools interface, I have one for English to Spanish and one for Spanish to English. Drag them onto your links bar to use ‘em.



Quite simple to change for other languages, just alter the “langpair” parameter in the JavaScript code.

It’s a travelogue, right?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Which means I can’t post unless I’ve been somewhere interesting. And I haven’t.
Church St Church
So to keep you amused here’s a photo taken from my backyard.

But this blog has moved.. it’s trekked its way from Texas to, erm, somewhere else in the USA. It made it mostly intact, stopping briefly to conjure up a new design. I wouldn’t expect any greater frequency of posts though. Blogs are shit. They’re generally boring and – when I’m Melbourne – this is no exception.

Wait till I’m en EspaƱa, maybe sometime late this year. By then I should know how to say the “Wait till I’m” bit as well.

Why is Character Map a “system tool”. Sillyness.