Some of the things

That make backpacking fun…

Walking back to my room this morning at about 1:30 – my room is oddly enough over the road from the main building. Saw a guy with a big backpack looking around rather dejectedly, pushing on what he thought was the door of the hostel but finding only disappointment.

“Looking for the hostel, mate? That door over there” and seeing his eyes light up.

Having a shower at 2am after a seriously humid day is also one of those nice little things. Slept well last night.

Bicycle tour of Brussels this morning. Stefan and I were riding periliously close to the lovely Kim from Seoul snapping photos that probably aren’t fit for print here. They have some fascinating fashion these Korean girls.

We trashed the bikes good and proper.

I can’t imagine anyone in Melbourne running a bicycle tour with 15 people, no helmets, no respect for road rules on questionably maintained bike. Nor would I get away with walking around the bar sans shoes.

Haven’t found any waffles yet but the chocolate rocks.

One Response to “Some of the things”

  1. Purple Jules says:

    Fantastic. Post back some chocolate!