Belgian Essentials

Lunch and dinner there, from a couple of nights ago.

On the train to Amsterdam now.



2 Responses to “Belgian Essentials”

  1. Adam says:

    Jules, loving hearing about your adventures. But take it from a jilted and well travelled youth, Beware Amsterdam! Seriously. No….SERIOUSLY!!! Set yourself a real schedule and stick to it like so much sticky, gooey hashish. Avoid the following: wearing anything that makes you look like a tourist, carrying anything of any value (including money and valuables*), beggers, anyone who asks you the time, anyone who asks for anything, all coffee shops which are full of Yanks (read: ALL coffee shops) and the Central Station.

    Enjoy, but just be sure to get out in under 3 days (believe me that is about all the time necessary for Amsterdam). The rest of Holland is just fine, but try to steer clear of those blasted Dutch…..grrr…..Von Dutch my foot…….

  2. Jules says:

    haha goldness mate. Here for two nights then it’s the long journey back home so no danger of me disappearing from sight ;-) Good to hear you’ve been quietly lurking, like I suspect a few others are.