Eurostar (train) is a good way to get out of London. Cheap, fast, fully automated. Anyway in Brussels now where the trains are mercifully much cheaper and less crowded. Nice.

Haven’t done a whole lot yet, save for get very pissed last night with a great group of people from many faraway places. Met a couple of amazing musicians who plied their skills for everyones benefit, too. Apparently Van Gogh used to work in this building (where the hostel is housed). It’s quite a funky, avante garde kind of space.

Went to Atomiom – an enormous steel structure that looks vaguely like an atom. I loved it, actually and took many photos, none of which you or I will see since I lost my camera on the way home. Along with 160 odd photos from the last couple of weeks. Not happy. But at least I have 200 others sitting on a flash card at home. Most of the really picturesque stuff is on there.

Also went to Mini Europe which is brilliant. In fact having seen that I really don’t need to go anywhere else. It’s basically all the major monuments/buildings recreated at 1:25 scale. Amazing detail – each piece costs around 80,000 euros.

I’ll spend tomorrow here – still lots more to check out even if I can’t record the moments on a camera. It actually feels like something of a blessing not having to snap photos all the time.

Probably onto Amsterdam after that, I have a good hostel recommendation and the train fare is surprisingly cheap.

Very hot here, contrary to what the forecasters said. Unlike London it doesn’t cool down at night either. I might have to check out that waterslide I saw today ;-)

One Response to “Brussels”

  1. Nat says:

    hey jules that sucks about the camera :-(
    check out the van gogh museum in amsterdam. some people say its better to go stoned but i say if you need drugs to enjoy van gogh then well…um yeah. its trippy enough already. sigh. its crap being back here – its cold and raining. i am living vicariously through you now so post more often! just kidding. ;-)
    ok, gotta do my tax return (need the money) have a great time!