The prolific blogger

Punching out a few lately, eh? Must be all this cheap internet.

Today was a backpack free day which was a very nice change. Actually that reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to mention for a while. Without a doubt the single most useful thing I brought with me was that Crumpler throw over bag which I bought a while back mainly for (motor/bi)cycle use.

SO much quicker to take on and off than a regular backpack… and when you’re doing it 80 times a day it’s a pretty pleasing thing.

But today I left it (and therefore the camera) at home. The camera actually does need new batteries, amazingly for only the first time this trip. Taken 200 photos so far on one set of (4) AA’s. Pretty sweet.

Back to the bag.

Nice to wander around without lugging anything at all. 30 degree heat combined with 5 hours sleep meant freedom of movement was a very welcome thing. I hit up Museum Island today. They really do have this island in the middle of the river on which most of the major museums are locatied! Wandered through there pretty quickly though, as I had a 15:30 ‘appointment’ at the local swimming pool. Finally 2 weeks in I got to go for a swim, and we even pretended to be kids and used the water slide. Fantastic stuff ;-) Might go back tomorrow if the weather is as good again.

It’s nice not being able to comprehend the hubub of (assumedly mundane) conversation that surrounds you in a place like a public pool. It was absolutely packed with screaming kids and numerous others, but it’s far less claustrophobic when you don’t understand a word of it.

Still not suburnt despite having never used sunscreen yet. Ozone rocks.

6 Responses to “The prolific blogger”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guess you mightn’t be in England by tomorrow night, though:

    Do you mind if Mig and I build the boards on the floor in your room? We need some non walkway space to lay things out.

    The weather is flat out Melbourne now. I was at Vic Market with kid sister yesterday and it was just drizzling without raining properly. The whole sky was grey. Bought a beanie and more vegetables than I can fit in my fridge.

    Mojo’s pizza opened on Bridge – Mikey is pleased.

    I’m in the middle of some ‘no more Saturday work’ negotiations with my boss and things are slowly sliding my way.

  2. Jules says:

    Yeah if you move all breakable stuff well out of the way (LCD particularly) then go for it.

    So if you free up Saturdays, that leaves you working, what, 1 day a week? Don’t wanna stress yourself too much, eh ;-)

  3. Purple Jules says:

    Hmmm… my new archery coach has a stressful schedule for me tho – 6 hrs a week cycling, 8+ shooting, static stretching, benchmarking, visualisation exercises, weights, submitting a weekly training diary to the head state coach…
    Appears Australia is going the way of *the former* East Germany by way of deciding categorically “we will be a strong archery country” and organising an AIS mandated formal training scheme for the nation.
    Do my backside if I won’t take part – at the cost of a slab here or there… I love the way things get done in this country.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i was going to make a comment but i have nothing to say much.

    anyway, i’ve been chillin at the taj

  5. Olly says:

    Good to see that you’re back in holiday spirits again – would have been a shame to miss all the good beer here! Bernd is sweet with holding the bike until we can pick it up – as he would be (having the bike, the keys and the papers, if we don’t turn up he’s made a good deal!). It would be great if you did manage to grab it on your way back to CH though, as we’re off on holidays next week ourselves and won’t be able to get up there for a while.

    Keep up the blogging, cheers

  6. Jules says:

    Yeah cheers Olly. I’m planning to go pick the bike up on my way back. Only detail really is figuring out how to get their by train/bus but it should sort itself out. Then spend a few days based in the Dolomites I reckon!