Mendoza, Santiago, Valparaiso, Pichilemu quick update

As per the subject line… Very short because Im very lazy and cannot make this keyboard behave the way I expect it to.

Mendoza Bit more laid back than BsAs, great food around, we cooked up the greatest steaks ever. Really. Amazing park and some pretty swanky neighbourhoods. Crap cycling through the wine region.. seriously, who came up with that ridiculous idea? Bears no resemblance to the Yarra Valley at all.

The Andes Every bit as awesome as you´d expect. More amazing was that I still had EDGE data signal on my mobile for that facebook update I did at the top (2950m according to the GPS) Major dizzy head at the border crossing as we mucked around for an hour with customs.

Santiago. Nice. Lot like Melbourne. Rich people, lots of money around, hence stuff is quite expensive. Melbourne prices a lot of the time. Great parks, but lots of smog because its, well, surrounded by the Andes. Business-like culture, stuff happens much faster than in Argentina. Meat not as good, coffee better when its not instant.

Valparaiso Far too cute tourist town. Very nice, 24hrs was just about the perfect length of time for it. Felt like being inside an MC Escher drawing.

Pichilemu We´ve hopped on the backpacker bus today, and arrived in Pichilemu the surfing hotspot. Not so hot this time of year, but amazing coastline. And some “black” sand. Nice. Looking forward to meat & beer.

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