Jess writes: Chile’s Dogs



Chile has 214, 000 dogs, half of them are homeless. Chile doesn´t have a dog pound and no dogs are euthanased. Instead people or groups of people look after them. Everywhere you see bowls of water and sometimes little houses and blankets left out for them on the street.

The other day I found a cute dog sleeping in the morning sun under a cafe table, so I took a photo. The waitress came rushing out saying something in Spanish about “photo”. Seeing the dumbfounded expression on our faces she quickly switched to perfect English and asked us if we could email her the photo. She told us that she looks after this dog, feeding it, taking it to the vet and in her cute accent she said she “loves him”. Later that day when we came back for lunch we asked where the dog was and she told me that he was having a bath.

I guess this situation works well for people that can´t have a dog at home. It wouldn´t work for me as they would all come home with me.

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