They don’t lie about new tyres

“Yeah just be careful scrubbing that tyre in as you go” says the tyre-fitting guy.

Yeah I’m careful. Always.

Brain completely in neutral I turn right into Langridge St, see the green light to get over Hoddle and think “yep”. Twist the throttle and ***scrape***. The bike is on it’s right hand side 180 degrees around from where I actually wanted to go.


Dead in the middle of the road, so not too much of a traffic hazard, though probably rather amusing. Some nice chaps came over to help me pick her up .. which I’d failed to do on the first attempt. Heavy, tall bastard that bike.

I roll it over to the side of the road to let the overflowed fuel dry and examine my nicely bloodied knee. My jeans weren’t torn at all.. must be tough buggers.

Somehow, there is not a scratch on any of the fairings. Guess I broke the fall rather cleverly with my knee. Scraped peg, bar end, probably pannier rack, and some bent handlebars. A mallet should probably sort that out, being steel and all. All in all the Peg crashes quite well!

Never had any trouble with new tyres in the past – and it wasn’t even wet today. Oh well. Hope my knee is fixed in time for Phillip Island in a bit over a week!

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