Packing it in…

Or up. More accurately with a flight in 10 hours I’m considering what I (don’t) need to pack.

At some point I’m going to travel only with my Crumpler bag. No check in luggage, just carry on. But I think London might be a bit cold this time of year to get away with travelling so lightly.

I’m tempted at the thought, though.

I think my gadgetry will comprise most of the mass, if not the bulk.. Digital camera, cables, charger, MP3 player, spare batteries, phone charger.

I guess I’m in holiday mode. Even packing seems like more effort than I care to expend right now!

One Response to “Packing it in…”

  1. nat says:

    have a great time guys… my housewarming will be waiting for you when you get back… :-)