More from Belize (BTL blocks Skype)

Trying to blog shorter and more often (those 600 word+ entries are killers).

Belize Telecom (“BTL”, the monopoly telephony provider in this country) block Skype among other things. I verified it using proxied and non-proxied connections.

To any Belizians who are annoyed at this and other VPN blocking that BTL are doing, if possible run your VPN server on port 443 (i.e HTTPS). They cannot block this. The subject line of this post is aimed to assist those Googling for info on circumventing it.

In unrelated news:
What a day of sitting in the hammock reading trashy novels (John Grisham for now, and soon “The Ice Station”). This is what relaxing should be.

The money bleed has been mostly stemmed, also – it’s good to be out of the USA.

That said, Belize seems to have some strange economic forces at work. I’m convinced that pegging your currency (in this, as most other cases, the US dollar) largely serves only to inflate prices for everyone. We are on the super-tourist island, though, so tomorrow when we step it down a notch it will be telling.

Assuming, of course, this tropical storm abates so we can get on the boat.

I’m sure it’s not a taxation issue, given all the offshore banking services on offer.

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