[Jess Writes] Beer & Dancing Pony Festival


Upon arrival into Granada, Nicaragua it was loud. A cacophony of
amplified sound attempting to make as much noise as possible. Latin
Americans are really good at making noise.

We happened upon what we decided was a Beer and Dancing Pony
festival. Granada is a pretty colonial city and this event centered
around the main plaza and down straight past our hostel to the lake.
Hundreds of horses pranced in all their tassled and studded finery
down the cobblestoned streets. Revellers embraced Tona beers (event
sponsors) and even the cowboys clutched cans of beers atop the horses.

It was a great visual and aural spectacle. Whirling street performers,
café tables on streets and locals dragged out their rocking chairs to
the street to be amongst the action.


Later that night we discovered that the festival was actually a
national police celebration and most of the horse riders were in fact
police from all over the country. I wish we knew that we would’ve felt
a little safer in the crowds perhaps.

Now we are relaxing in a lovely homely hostel and preparing for a look
at some volcanoes and a stay in a jungle lodge.


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One Response to “[Jess Writes] Beer & Dancing Pony Festival”

  1. Nat says:

    wow! tha colour contrast between the buildings and the sky is gorgeous!!

    Dancing ponies…LOVE IT!

    Melbourne doesn’t have a festival in October…maybe suggest this as a filler? ;-)

    Enjoy the jungle…watch out for monkeys!