Even better

Found a very nice spot devoid of tourists.

It’s seriously warm here. I need sandles.

(back at the hostel now)

Ahh more Linux goodness; this one is definitely Gnome, Lucas ;-) Which one did I like again? I can’t remember.

I’ve had the Jet song “Move On” in my head for a few days now. Mainly because it’s almost time to go home and I have quite a few train trips behind and ahead of me. I think the lyrics sum up my mindset quite well. I tried unsuccessfully to buy the album yesterday so we could crack it out at the hostel for my last night in Brussels. Luckily a German girl had a Powderfinger CD so that did the job instead.

Was a bit sad this morning at about 1am when I called it a night. It would have been very, very easy to spend my last two nights in Brussels; that hostel had possibly the most enjoyable party atmosphere of any I’d been to, and I’d made a few good, fun friends by the time I left. But “Yeah, gonna have to move on, before we meet again” and after breathing fire (photos to come!) I loped off to bed for the early train to Amsterdam.

And so we did. I ran into a guy I met in Brussels and have already covered quite a lot of ground in this – rather small – city. Had to get an early train (ok, 9:41am) because hostels here fill up very quickly and they don’t take reservations this late.

This hostel is actually a bit different to most, probably because right now I’m surround by some hella stoned people. (Yes believe it or not they’re not usually like that) Funny how people come here and spend their entire time being – for all intents and purposes – asleep.

Dunno what the plan is for tonight, but it’s not cooling down quickly so it’ll very likely be a late one.

8 Responses to “Even better”

  1. Anon says:

    Jules – but what about the chicks?

  2. Jules says:

    Ok, Jorge, you need to concentrate on something other than chicks mate! They’re all quite tall here and have nice legs no doubt from all the bicycle riding if you must know ;-)

  3. ben the Vangogh bartender says:

    hi, jules,
    not a comment but just to say that you’re white stripes cd was ready but the guy you got at the reception, i didn’t have the time to warn him. Sad!I left it on the players.
    anyway, i hope you’ll find it somexhare in the universe.
    very nice tou’re little diary with picture. thanks for your comments about the hotel. googd luck, ben

  4. Jules says:

    heh ah well. Thanks for that Ben. I’ll track it down somewhere ;-)

  5. Katie says:

    Hi Jules!!
    I’m really glad you are well and having fun.
    I am seriously jealous.
    Look after yourself, alright! Say hi to your mum and dad and tell them they will be seeing me next year..

    Alright. Back to work, now..

  6. Jess says:

    Ok babe, I feel like a lousy girlfriend after you pointed out that I haven’t made many comments. Pretty unfair considering how much I have been hanging on every word you post. It has been nice feeling “connected” somewhat to your travels. I guess public displays of communication are not my forte`. Anyway you can’t feel too neglected I have more than made up for it with e-mails. I think you are an exhibitionist(as am I) but I am happy to oblige you, I’ll try a little harder. ;-) (k)

  7. Jules says:

    Yay, they’re all coming out of the woodwork, now ;-) Babe I only meant in the last couple of days – you made many comments prior to that, that’s why I noticed. I’m probably only actually going to make one more post…

  8. Nat says:

    Hi Jules! Can’t believe you have been on teh move all this time… sounds like you have had a ball, its a shame we missed eachotehr on the other side of the world! We stayed at the Van Gogh for a night by the way, gold :) take care and travel safe I must rest for another hard day at work.