“Do IT.”

Melissa of partying in Brussels fame got back to me with this piece of delight:

Click it to download the video (quicktime). DO IT!

2 Responses to ““Do IT.””

  1. Dave says:

    Great picture :)
    How came I missed that :|

  2. Johnny says:

    Hi jules,

    well, in case your wondering who this is, its johnny, of the three irish guys from brussells! long after returning from holidays i was sittin at home today, and i wasnt even thinking about the holiday, and remembered that you had a web address, id been on it before, just after we got home, but never got a chance to email. so i ran up the stairs to email ya now to say hello!  and guess, what thinking of that crazy place i went and put powderfinger oddessy album on, so were ever you are in the world, put on powderfinger, and someday everyone will be aware of “the finder”, anyway, im gonna keep this brief, incase you dont even get it, but if you do, id like a reply then i can tell ya how we got on etc… on rest of trip!

    hope this reaches you in good spirit!!