Continuing south to Cali

Cali, the home of salsa as it is invariably called. It’s a fitting title, as we honestly could not find much else of interest in the city, save for a zoo.


Down at around 1000m above sea level, it’s hot during the day, and the tropical sun just as scorching, but cools down to a very agreeable temperature at night. Which explains why the tourists tend to sleep all day and dance badly most of the night.

It’s an ugly city, frankly. And while watching the locals dance with such fervor, exhibiting what is a true mating display, had appeal, the ear-destroying volume at which this happens and the super late nights prevented us from really enjoying it. The cab driver on the way home confirmed our suspicions by pointing out “hotels by the hour” with much excitement.


We had an incredible Argentine bife de chorizo a la parilla (very tasty porterhouse steak) on the final night which was a nice way to finish. Seeing a slightly crazy looking guy carrying a shotgun down our dark street was less so.

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