Anyone else excited?

John (UK dude I bought some luggage off via eBay) sent this one through
to me, it’s the Silvrettan Pass between Bludenz and Landeck, Austria.
Note the little wisps of tarmac you can spot all the way down. Imagine
that on a sunny day by bike. I wonder if it’s as challenging as it
looks. So many things to wonder about…

I’ve never been able to capture this kind of scenery with a camera – I
suppose the vistas we see in Australian alps isn’t so concentrated which
makes it very difficult to fit into a 4:3 frame. Either that or I’m a
crap photographer.

Imagine what it will look like when I get there.

One Response to “Anyone else excited?”

  1. Daniel says:

    That’s a beautiful photo. It really gives a sense of depth as well. It does, however, lack a sense of colour balance, but now I’m just being picky…